This CD presented unique challenges (e.g. traveling to Scotland with a toddler in tow; trying to stay on pitch without any accompaniment or anyone to listen to me; learning 17 ancient Gregorian chants, all of which were new to me), as well as great joys (e.g. all of the above challenges, plus working with Joe Hand and David Smith; singing in a medieval cathedral in Scotland; and getting to attend an old friend’s wedding in a Scottish castle on my “day off”–so fun!).  I am humbled by the final product, which could only have been accomplished with the help of some very special friends and a great deal of divine assistance.

(Report after returning from Scotland in October, 2007):

I am happy to report that our October trip to Scotland was everything I had hoped it would be!  I began by singing for the wedding of a dear friend in the great hall of the Doune Castle (we were greeted with the father/son bagpipers above); was able to record most of the Gregorian chant CD (which is scheduled for an Easter release–see The Scotland Project for more information) in the 13th century Dunblane Cathedral; and gave two “Be Not Afraid” concerts in Glasgow (site of the June terrorist airport bombing).

At the end of our trip–and just after filming my exhausted 3-year-old Ceci bobbing to sleep in one of those wonderful British taxis–I left my camera on the seat.  ARGGHHHH!  Alas, the camera and all of my wonderful pictures for the CD are gone with it.  I found some links online to similar pictures, and others sent me pictures of the wedding, so this is something like what I had to show you:

  • A rainbow over a scenic river and bridge, with Doune Castle in the background (you can imagine!)
  •  Doune Castle (Doune Castle)
  • About a dozen men standing in the Doune Castle courtyard drinking champagne in their colorful tartan kilts.
  • Ceci, my mother and I arrive at Doune Castle:
  • This is Ceci and me as she “helps me” right before I have to sing for the wedding:
  • Note said daughter hiding under my wrap while I sing–it was a bit chilly in there!
  • This is the champagne reception in the King’s Hall of the castle.
  • This was the first of several phases of the reception, which lasted 10 hours!
  • The beautiful Dunblane Cathedral
  •  (Dunblane Cathedral)
  •  (The Dunblane Cathedral choir, where I recorded the chant CD)
  • The lovely smiling faces of the audiences at my concerts and at the parties afterwards (while the group was small, five continents were represented at the University of Glasgow concert).  This part I just have to remember and you have to imagine. *sigh*
  • The view of Stirling Castle at night from our bedroom window in Bridge of Allan
  • The charming little village of Deanston on the River Teith (we stayed with the bride’s parents after the wedding in one of those flats on the left–and the sky really was blue!)
  • The magnificent 12th c. Glasgow Cathedral
  •  (Glasgow Cathedral)

When time allows, I’ll share more details of this anointed trip, especially the singing experiences in the Deanston Cathedral and the concerts.  In the meantime, I’m gearing up for my December concerts and working on the Gregorian chant CD.  Please keep this new project in your prayers!