Kitty to sing at National Shrine on Divine Mercy Sunday

By the grace of God, I have been invited to sing at Mass and and help sing the chaplet of Divine Mercy on the afternoons of Saturday, April 6, and Divine Mercy Sunday, April 7, 2013,at the National Shrine of Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, MA.  I will also be sharing my Divine Mercy miracle story on Sunday morning, which my father also did many years ago.

I’m trembling a bit, as there will be between 20,000-25,000 people attending the Mass on Sunday, plus live coverage on EWTN.  All I can say is that I am not worthy, and God is good.


  1. God has blessed us and you with a marvelous talent and ministry.  I was fortunate to hear your "God Will Provide" CD through a friend who thought I would enjoy it because I, too, am a lawyer, who studied at Loyola in New Orleans and now have a home back there as well.  I can't listen to the song you wrote and sang on Divine Mercy Sunday when Blessed John Paul II died without tears of joy!  It is so moving and perfect! We must eternally praise God's mercy!  We will play your music at our church in Ft. Lauderdale this Divine Mercy Sunday.  I only wish I could be there with you all, Fr. Michael, Kelly Wahlquist, and all the Marians and faithful who will pray the chaplet on Eden Hill this year.  We hope to have a pilgrimage next year to Stockbridge and maybe, God willing, you will be able to sing again. Thank you for your joy.  How wonderful that you now have a rosary for children and a beautiful daughter to share it with and pray with you; God really can't be outdone in generosity! 

  2. Kitty! Congratulations! Just always remember, you will be singing for God. He gave you the gift of a beautiful voice and He asks for you to share your blessing. Thank you for sharing your gift through the cd Sublime Chant, that I listen to every day. I hope to soon share your Miracle of Life rosary cd during the first grade adoration hour at our parish. Please say a prayer that the cd can be used to help teach young children to love saying the rosary. God bless you.

  3. Kitty….Your testimony and angelic voice will inspire thousands of people that special day. God is working through you each day. Many people will be  blessed to  experience and listen to your Divine Mercy miracle story; their lives will be changed. Please continue your mission.  God has your presence in all of the right places!

  4. Kitty,
    I will pray for you but remember you are singing to God…i wish I could be there to share this great moment but I will be in spirit… Your sister in Jesus &Mary, Romana Grubbe

  5. Kitless, God will be your voice and all of your inspiration on this blessed day. SO happy for you. Lots of love. Time to see you this year, I hope… xoxox


  6. I’m watching you right now singing the Gloria! I spotted you while the Bishop was speaking.

  7. Kitty, In watching EWTN and Mother Angelica Live for so long I am ashamed to say today was the first time I heard of you, and heard you sing at the Divine Mercy Shrine Mass!   What an exquisite God given talent you have, and a lovely lady you are!  That hymn you sang during Communion was overwhelmingly beautiful.  You needn't have feared ahead in perfoming for today, for all your singing God was smiling down at you, and you mesmerised the entire congregation at the Shrine and on worldwide EWTN today!  God bless you and keep you and your family, and may you always fill our hearts with the beauty of your voice. I am so looking forward to getting every one of your CD's and anything you will record in the future. With warmest regards, Zoltan G. Zeisky, Holland, PA.

  8. please let me know the name of the song you sang on divine mercy sunday during communion.  Just beautiful!

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