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Marcia Boyer

September 10, 2013


Thank you for such an amazing story and beautiful music at the AACCW Convention in Peachtree City, GA.  Your beautiful, angelic voice and powerful message put Blessed Mary right there in the room with us.  You are blessed and generous to share your God given gifts.  I've been filling my soul with your music since being back home.  As  president of my parish Women's Club - I only wish that every member would be able to hear you at some time.  We may have to find a way to bring you to Pawleys Island, SC.  That wish and blessings for you are in my prayers.  Marcia Boyer


July 23, 2013

Kitty, Thank you for a beautiful night at Assumption Catholic Church in Ft. Lauderdale. I cried at every song you sang!!!! I have been listening to your music for a while and am familiar with the strength in your lyrics. But when you sang them live it hit the depths of my soul. The most amazing moment was when you sang "In the Breaking of the Bread" as it placed me right back in Gallillee and Jerusalem. Thank you for sharing the powerful story about your dad and what your family endured. It is an inspiration and example of hope and faith for us all. My God continue to bless you.

Lydia Romero

July 16, 2013

Hi Kitty,

Kelly from "33 Days to Morning Glory" mentioned you on her blog All Hearts Afire. I listened to your Miracle on Divine Mercy and was in tears. Thank for sharing your gift of music to bring others closer to Jesus. Today is the anniversary of my Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.



Michael Carroll

July 6, 2013


I heard you being interviewed on AM 910 in the Dallas area a couple weeks ago and then they played "Now You Come to Me" and it brought tears to my eyes.  A few days later and went and downloaded the whole Be Not Afraid album from Amazon MP3.  Also, the things you said in that interview were as moving and uplifting as your music -- although, I must admit, it is your songs that bring the most tears to my eyes.  Thank you!

John Paul the Great has won the race!  St. John Paul the Great!

Joan LeBlanc

June 7, 2013

Thank you for sharing your story. It is so helpful to be reminded of how God keeps calling us to know, love and serve Him. Thank you, thank you. I am on my journey with Jesus, my Lord and husband, which began in New Orleans as yours did. I should know by now that God is in control, but it sure does help to hear others tell their story. Mt. Carmel Academy class of '59 Saint Mary's Dominican College '60-'61 God bless you!

Arlynne Desiderio

May 7, 2013

Hi Kitty, I went to church (not at my usual parish) and it was the week before I left my job. I saw your CD about God providing when you have nothing. I was touched by your talk and the story you shared. I especially love that song "Now You Come to Me."

I thought my husband would think I'm nuts by listening to the CD, but He told me to play it for him. It really strengthened my marriage. Thank you so much for inspiring me and my husband. May the Lord continue to bless you, especially with your gift of music. Thanks, Arlynne

Terry Polakovic

April 26, 2013

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dear Kitty,

We are all still floating since your appearance at our ENDOW Gala in Denver! This week I have had more positive calls and emails than I can possibly handle. 

Our annual event is meticulously planned for and provides the capstone for the whole year. When we learned at the eleventh hour our original speaker couldn’t make it, I recalled a brief meeting with you a while back and how inspired I was. I picked up the phone and we talked excitedly like old friends.  Happily for us, you cleared your calendar and graciously stepped in to save the day. Upon walking onstage you jokingly called yourself the “consolation prize” but truly, you were anything but. Your presentation was unsurpassable and our Gala was the most successful in our history.    

The humor, warmth, and love that came through in your talk had all 500 people in the room riveted. And the melody of your final song – a tribute to John Paul II – is still echoing in our hearts.

Thank you, Kitty! May God bless your ministry as you blessed us Saturday night.

Terry Polakovic, ENDOW

Kathy Acosta

April 24, 2013

I just want to thank you for your voice and your ministry. You have touched my heart and soul. I was a foster child and for years, felt such shame. Your song, Let the Healing Begin, cleanses me of my sorrow. I bought your CD for my husband; for the song On Eagle's Wings, but in listening to your beautiful voice, I have been healed also. Thank you so much.

Zoltan G. Zeisky

April 11, 2013

Kitty, In watching EWTN and Mother Angelica Live for so long I am ashamed to say today was the first time I heard of you, and heard you sing at the Divine Mercy Shrine Mass!   What an exquisite God given talent you have, and a lovely lady you are!  That hymn you sang during Communion was overwhelmingly beautiful.  You needn't have feared ahead in perfoming for today, for all your singing God was smiling down at you, and you mesmerised the entire congregation at the Shrine and on worldwide EWTN today!  God bless you and keep you and your family, and may you always fill our hearts with the beauty of your voice. I am so looking forward to getting every one of your CD's and anything you will record in the future. With warmest regards, Zoltan G. Zeisky, Holland, PA. 

Gloria Boudreaux

March 17, 2013

Last year you spoke at  our Theresian Day of Reflection.  Several of us bought your recordings and we now play one of the CDs at our monthly meetings.  Thank you for enhancing our spiritual jouney.  May God shower you with many blessings.


March 3, 2013

Dear Kitty, I wanted to let you know that you're one of my few female rolemodels. And I look up to you. God Bless!

Susan Tullington

February 14, 2013


My mom passed away (expected) while I was playing her songs from my iTunes playlist at her bedside.  The Lord told me that night to see what songs played (playlist was sent to shuffle - only 3 songs played before she died).  

One of the three songs was Wherever You Go from your Be Not Afraid CD.  I didn't recognize the song at first.  When I heard the words "I will die with you in the arms of God," my heart just melted.  What a beautiful song to go home to God - in His arms.  The last song was an instrumental, so your voice was the last one she heard.  Thank you for your ministry.  I love all your CDs.

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