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Brian Callahan

March 9, 2004

Date: 01/28/02 OK, I've finally done it! Now I have to tell you that your music brings this tough attack helicopter pilot (soft hearted, though) to tears. I'll have to listen privately or not pay too close attention when with others... in other words, thanks 🙂 God bless you, Chief Warrant Officer Four Brian Callahan U.S. Army AH-64 "Apache" helicopter pilot

Margaret Schaaf

March 9, 2004

Date: 01/22/02 Dear Kitty Cleveland, I received your CD, Saturday A.M., January 12, 2002. You have such a beautiful gift of voice........Praise God! Keep singing! Keep giving your gift away. I especially like, "Surrender". I've noticed you wrote it. You are inspired by God and I know that you are "special" to Him. Write more! You praise the Lord so beautifully. Regarding anything you write or sing, I would like to be notified if possible, so I could have the pleasure of your gifts shared. I thank you again, especially for your personal attention.

Jeff Cavins

March 9, 2004

I have the privilege of counting Kitty Cleveland as one of my close friends, and for that I am most grateful. Anyone who has listened to Kitty’s music will agree, she is a top-notch singer. When I listen to her CDs I’m touched by her wellspring of talent, but even more I’m moved knowing that her music is the result of God interacting with her in the valleys and the mountaintops of her life. She is real, she is deeply spiritual, and she has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard. Jeff Cavins Host, "Life on the Rock", EWTN Author, My Life on the Rock, Our Father's Plan (with Scott Hahn)...

Mimi Kelly

March 9, 2004

Never in our 14-year history have we ever had anyone sing at our conference, or for that matter any other event, who touched so many people so deeply. Kitty's voice is truly a gift from God. Her singing goes beyond performance! With it she truly ministers to those who hear her, and for each it is an unforgettable spiritual experience. Mimi Kelly Exec. Director, The Mir Group

Damian Riggs

March 9, 2004

Dear Kitty, You performed at St. Timothy Catholic Community in Mesa, AZ this past Thursday. Your performance was very moving, mostly I'd say, because it was not a performance. Clearly you are the real deal! Thank you for speaking and demonstrating the gift of authenticity. I am on the RCIA team in my parish. One of the ideals I share with you and try to convey to the catechumens and candidates is to be real and authentic. Our world, sadly, is too full of half-hearted, wish-washy Catholic Christians. You are truly refreshing. I pray God continues to bless you and the world through your fine work.

Andrew Kash

March 9, 2004

Dear Kitty, I just received your two tapes "Surrender" and Sacred Arias." I just wanted you to know that they both have been such a great inspiration to me. You have the voice of an angel that, when I hear it, my heart is lifted towards God. Thank You So Much! Andrew

Lindsey Mershon

March 9, 2004

Dear Kitty Cleveland, I was in the Fashion Show in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Your singing and your talk were both really awesome! I enjoyed it very much! Keep up your singing!!! May God Bless You and keep you always!!! 🙂 Yours in Christ, Lindsey

Mallory Yontz

March 9, 2004

Dear Kitty, I am sixteen years old and live in Chandler, Arizona. I am also a member of the St. Timothy's congregation and recently attended your concert. It was absolutely amazing! Truly, I can't recall ever hearing a voice that touched me quite like yours. I also thought it interesting that the homily that particular night was about the lack of religious fervor in the adult church community which consequently negatively affects the teens. I suppose I somewhat agree with what he had to say, but then I heard you speak and sing and it was obvious that you are the epitome of the Christian role model. Hearing the story of your father was particularly poignant (...especially due to the fact that I am planning on going into law...). You are a remarkable singer, but I also wanted you to know the impact you made on me. I don't think I have ever had music touch me quite like yours, and I thank you. Mallory Yontz

Tobey Moore

February 4, 2004

Kitty, you have a soulful voice! Can't wait to hear your next album :grin

Susan Smith

February 2, 2004

Great music! Wonderful site.

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