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Jennifer in CT

March 13, 2014

On the day my dear friend was dying of cancer, I played your music for her and I know it brought her peace. When I think of her now, a year later, I hear your music in my head and it brings me peace. Thank you.  Jennifer in CT

Mary K. (katie) Schmitz

March 4, 2014

I listened to your Lighthouse Divine Mercy CD.  I have wanted to learn the chaplet, so I thank you.  I look forward to getting additional music performed by you.  I travel with my work and I can't wait to take you with me.  Katie Schmitz



February 18, 2014

I had the opportunity to sit by you at lunch on Saturday in Dubuque and I thoroughly enjoyed your talks and your voice.  I have been playing your CD 's in the house and my kids are now hooked on your music. My 3 and 5 year old boys lay by the boom box waiting for their next favorite!

God bless you,


Pat Fabiano

February 18, 2014

Hi KItty, I attended the Magnifcant in Pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago at the Sheraton North. I was so blessed to meet you and your daughter--she sat at our table. I just sent you an email. I hope you receive it and I am praying I hear back from you. You really touched my soul and my very being with your music! Music is my closest prayer to God.

My friend bought me the cd Surrender I can't stop playing it. I would give anything to have your other cds. Please be assured you are in my prayers. I hope you come back Pittsburgh real soon!!!! May you have a most blessed spirit filled day! Sincerely Pat Fabiano

Judy Adrian

February 17, 2014

Hi Kitty, I am inspired by your heartfelt talk at the Martha and Mary conference in Dubuque, IA this past Saturday. Your love of Mary and the Trinity is beautiful. I listened to your talk again on the CDs I purchased. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Judy A.

Mary Kay Mueller

February 16, 2014


Thank you for your powerful witness and incredible testimony at the Martha and Mary conference in Dubuque.  We ladies were blown away by your gift of music and your healing message.  We hope you can come back again so that it will have a provound impact on many more to come. Your ministry will be in our heart's treasury of prayers.

Thanks again--we appreciated and enjoyed it very much.

God bless,

Mary Kay

Rosemary Carnovale

February 15, 2014

Kitty, You were/are!! sooo inspiring. We attended the Magnificat last Sat. in Pittsburgh and I am playing your Surrender CD now. God bless you for sharing your life with us. Your CD, Be Not Afraid, is so beautiful, too; many songs are those we sing through Cursillo. Have you made one? I made mine 47 years ago!!! Keep up God's work; you are a beautiful instrument for His words.


February 1, 2014


I recently heard you on Relevant Radio.  Then I ordered the The Miracle of Divine Mercy, from Lighthouse Catholic Media.  When I played the Divine Mercy CD, I sobbed and sobbed.  It is so incredibly holy and beautiful.  The Holy Spirit is using your most gifted voice to bless the world and to touch the lives of people like me in our homes.  Thank-you for allowing the Lord to use you.  What a humble and gifted soul you are!






January 23, 2014

I really enjoyed meeting you this past weekend in Clearwater.

Hope to stay in touch and meet again. Carol is fortunate to have you as a friend.

God Bless,


Dee Gray, Surprise, AZ

January 19, 2014

Kitty, you are a gift to the Church and to the world. I thank God for you and your beautiful gift of song.

Alicia J. Carter

November 10, 2013

I cannot thank you enough for how much I have enjoyed The Miracle of Love Rosary CD. Anyways, Thank you!

Robin Cooke

September 30, 2013

Dear Kitty,

I am doing the Walking Towards Eternity study by Jeff Cavins, and the subject tonight was humility.  It was when I first heard of you and your father's story.  I am came home and looked you up, and wanted to share with you how much your father's story and his faith means to me in my life!  Is your father's story written down somewhere to buy?  Thank you so much for sharing his story so eloquently, and openly.  It needs to be heard, by many.

God Bless you!  Are you coming to Indianapolis in future??

Robin Cooke,

Indianapolis, IN

Hi, Robin,

Thanks for your questions.  My dad wrote his story for the book "Amazing Grace for Those Who Suffer," (edited by Jeff Cavins and Matt Pinto) and I have a Lighthouse Catholic Media CD called "God Will Provide" that tells the whole story from my perspective, including his death.

No plans for Indianapolis are in the works right now, but I'd love to come! 🙂

God bless you,  Kitty Cleveland

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