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February 26, 2016

I was in Tyler for the Fullness of Truth Conference. Unfortunately, I have more questions now that I’ve had time to settle down and reflect. I have not been able to get your Dad’s story off my mind (incredible!!!) and I have played your Surrender CD over and over again. You are gifted in every way: inspirational, beautiful, unpretentious/natural, and a voice that is silky smooth – like an angel!

I am waiting for my DVD’s to come in. Can’t wait to share them! Kitty, I’m so glad I got the chance to meet you! Your story has done a lot to help me understand this whole concept of suffering a little better. It’s all about love and salvation! Thank you once again for being a huge bright spot in my life! Take care and God Bless you in all you do!


January 29, 2016

Thank for sharing your music, I absolutely love the Divine Mercy prayer with the children's choir. I just happen to hear it and when I heard the walk in the valley of death... it made me less afraid as I am battling breast cancer, Your songs of prayer have lifted me up and they have strengthened my belief in God, which is what I've been praying for lately. Thank you for this gift.


October 16, 2015

I absolutely love your CD of the Divine Mercy Chaplet being sung. Thank you for sharing your music with us.

Patty Harrison

June 7, 2015

Thank you so much for the presentation at Magnificat SOTI yesterday. At times the Spirit was so heavy upon us as you told your dad's story. He truly was called to walk the Via Dolorosa in a more severe way than most. As we are told in the Scriptures.. How much God loved this deacon of His to entrust such a heavy cross for the Kingdom. The beauty and anoiting at the Masses in the prison...  I'm sure he saw the fruit from heaven's angle. The witness he was to those around him once God profoundly moved upon him and lifted him to the higher heavens, I am sure began to change many hearts... especiallyfor the end of their lives. I have worked as a Hospice chaplain for more than twenty years and I am sure that his witness planted seeds that prepared others for their own death in an environment that is primarily an experience of hell.

Though we struggle greatly to live under the persecution in this world, it is God as we had learned and walking it out is always beyond man!  Thank you for your faithful yes to Him.

Your words renewed and encouraged me in my long road of the cross in reference to my marriage... fidelity to my vows, walk. The Scripture about the locusts out of Joel was one the Lord gave me a considerable time back--and to many Marriage Covenant Keepers--who live our vows faithfully, as the spouse has come under a severe attack from the evil one. But God is the restorer and has reasons why the witness He has allowed is needed today for His Kingdom.

Blessings to you, Kitty, and to your husband and family. Thank you for seeing it all through and the willingness to share with us and many.


Jacqueline Plaisance Chambaz

May 8, 2015

Hi Kitty,

Just discovered you and your music which is beautiful and inspiring!

It seems we have some things in common.My father who was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, is a Catholic Deacon and I'm the oldest child. My husband and I adopted a little girl from China 3 years ago, who is now almost 8 years old. She is a joy and a blessing. God is good!

So far I've purchased the chidren's Miracle of Life Rosary (for daughter's first communion last Sunday), God Will Provide and The Miracle of Divine Mercy Chaplet that you set to music. I've been singing it along with you on my way to work in the morning. Thank you for your music and testimonies. I look forward to purchasing more of your CDs in the future for myself and as gifts.

Kathy Meyer

May 5, 2015

Dear Kitty,

I just listened to my new Chant CD - it is so special!  so nice to have all those favorite and familiar works on one Cd.  I love the way you recorded it.  I hope to use it in my hospice work as well as for personal reflection. Best wishes on it's promotion...I think you have a real treaasure here! 

With hope, Kathy

Romy Lenon

April 21, 2015

Dear Kitty,

Sending you warmest regards and hello from Sorrento, Western Australia! I found your name in youtube when browsing for Divine Mercy and listened to your very lovely voice. Should you happen to visit Western Australia in the future, kindly email me about the trip.

I belong to the parish of Church of the Lady of Missions, parish priest is Fr Joseph, a former baby refugee from Vietnam. His assistant priest is 1-year newly ordained Fr. Renald from India.   We belong to the Archdiocese of Perth whose Cathedral is the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The website is

Best regards, Romy Lenon


Dennis Rathbourn

April 18, 2015

Our choir director sent all members a link to a youtube song "In the Breaking of the Bread" which we will be singing this Sunday at Mass (St. Andrew Parish, Cape Coral, FL) and I must say, your voice brought tears to my eyes as it brought the image of Christ and his disciples after his resurrection and his saying "peace be with you."  I also read your testimony and the story of your father and his connection with 2 Corinthians 12, verse 1-10.  God has truly blessed you and your family with his grace.  I hope to meet you one of these days if you are in our area and am buying some of your CD's so my wife and I can listen to your amazing voice.  Thank you and God Bless!

Therese Meggetto

April 3, 2015

Hi Kitty, What can I say? Thank you for using your amazing gift to share Jesus' love with the world. Your ointment of love brings our Saviour so close to our hearts you can hear Him calling, encouraging and inviting us to trust and share in His love.

Our world is so confusing at times but your beautiful calming voice washes over those who hear you by bring the love of Jesus directly into our hearts. He brings such hope to all through your beautiful gift. Thank you Kitty for giving your 'yes' to God, allowing Him to show his love for us in such a beautiful way.  May you always be aware of Jesus always gently hold you in His arms - His special little songbird.

So from the little country town of Drouin in Australia I thank you for all the joy and the hope you bring to my heart. For me, Jesus is my very best buddy and your music helps me to express how I feel in words. Thank you, little angel! God Bless and keep you faithful always, I will keep you and your family in my prayers always. Therese 🙂

Opal Boudreaux

March 25, 2015

Oh what a night! Can't believe it has come and gone after all the months of preparation! Your concert was all I thought it would be, and all I knew my friends and family would love and enjoy. I can't thank you enough for coming to St. John Bosco Church Parish and pouring your love for God, song and family upon us! How happy I am for my personal and church families who were present at the concert to witness to God's greatness in your singing and words of inspiration. And inspired, they all were, for so many of the concert attendees came up to me since the concert, to express their words of thanksgiving that they were able to attend. Many told me that they felt as though you were speaking directly to them through your words of wisdom and song. May our Lord be glorified! My mom, who is a young 82, told me just how much she enjoyed and loved your concert! So happy for her that God touched her heart so much through the powerful words He chose to give you for our gathering. Kitty, I truly feel that God has anointed you with His Holy Spirit, and with Him guiding you, you are able to touch so many in all walks of life. I am sure that if anyone who was in attendance and who may be going through their own personal trials, left that evening fulfilled with the love of our Lord and felt His awesome peace. You, my friend, provide this to them through your gifts of peace, love and joy and that God has gifted you with through your song and inspiration. May our Lord continue to bless you and keep you Kitty, and God-speed to you wherever our Lord chooses you to minister. Know you are always welcome to come back to visit with us at St. John Bosco Parish. God bless you! Opal Boudreaux

Ken Roberts

February 23, 2015

Dear Kitty, Your concert tonight at St. John of the Cross Catholic Church in Lacombe,LA was a wonderful blessing. You focused us all on the Real Presence of Jesus during your sharing of your faith, your personal testimony, and your beautiful voice . I also was blessed with your sharing about Our Blessed Mary's invitation to each of us to consecrate our lives to her as our Mother who leads is closer to Jesus her son. May all of us be led each day to know, love and serve Our Father using our gifts as you do for His Greater Glory. Thank you so much for sharing your God given, grace filled gifts with all of us present. May Our Lord Jesus continue to bless you with the gifts of His Holy Spirit, especially His Love, His Peace, and His Joy. God bless you and thanks, Ken Roberts

Kathleen Dolphin

February 21, 2015

My prayer life was altered when I learned of your beautiful voice just this past year. There is no other female voice with the clarity and crispness of your voice. I would love to hear you sing "Abide with me" and "Be thou my vision".  These two hymns have comforted me through the recent death of my mother and whenever I hear these hymns, even if it's just an instrumental, I am comforted by her nearness.

Would you consider offering your renditions of the above hymns as an I Tunes download?

I have purchsed many of your CD's to give as gifts in an attempt to help other's experience God's love for them through your voice. Thank you

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