Gregorian chant: Miracle music?

Dear Kitty,

I would like to praise the Lord for your gift and your music.  I want to share a miracle experience.

Our family took our 28 year old son, John, to a shrine in Wisconsin, Our Lady of Good Help,* where we prayed for healing for him because he has been afflicted for thirteen years by a very severe psychiatric condition.   For the past four years, he has been tormented daily by voices that have screamed at him and called him names and told him the neighbors wanted to hurt him.  No medicine or treatment has been able to silence the voices.

On Sunday, the Feast of Corpus Christi and the thirtieth anniversary weekend of Our Lady, Queen of Peace’s apparitions in Medjugorje, we went to the shrine.  While we were there, just before 2:00 benediction, John lay down on a pew in the chapel.  Your music from the Sublime Chant CD was playing.  My husband, daughter and I went out to say a rosary on the grounds.  A few minutes later, John came out and said that he had been healed.  He said that he heard beautiful music and experienced a feeling of warmth flowing through his body and especially through his brain.  He knew he was being healed.

It is now three days later and the voices have been silenced.  He has not had racing thoughts or extreme anxieties.  He has your chant CD and plays it before he goes to sleep at night.

May God be praised for your gift and for your response to Him who called you into this ministry.


*Note from Kitty:  Our Lady of Good Help has been declared by the local bishop to be the site of an authentic Marian apparition worthy of belief, the first such site in the U.S. to date.



  1. Thanks, Kitty, for sharing this beautiful story with us. I, too, will be praying for John.

  2. Dear Marianne,

    I am humbled beyond words.  To God alone be the glory!  Of course, even more powerful than music is the presence of the Blessed Sacrament and the prayers of family for their loved ones.  John will forever be in my prayers of thanksgiving.


    Yours in Christ,


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