A girl walks into a bar…

So I walked into the bar at the Southern Hotel last night (my daughter’s choir was singing at the hotel), and a woman asked me if I was Kitty Cleveland. Her name was Mary, she said. She had just moved here from CA, and her late mother had given her one of my CDs at least 10 years ago. She recognized me from the CD cover (yay!).

Mary continued that after her mother passed away, she stopped in at a small church on the Sonoma Coast. It was Mother’s Day, and she was really missing her mom. To her astonishment, at the end of the Mass they played my CD–the same one her mom had chosen for her!  And here we were meeting for the first time 10 years later, in a bar across the country. Isn’t that cool? I love it when things like that happen. God’s mercies are endless. 💝


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