This is a video of me telling my dad’s Divine Mercy miracle story, which Jeff Cavins asked me to do this for his new prayer study called “Walking Towards Eternity.” I can’t help but get a bit choked up, so please bear with me!  God’s greatest attribute is MERCY! Pass it on…

Love’s other name is Mercy!


  1. It seems like the editor may have made a mistake. The video leaves the impression that your Dad learned he was reinstated to practice law just before he died. But the LA Supreme Court reinstated him in 2004. I am sure it was an innocent mistake but it needlessly allows skeptics to accuse you of exaggerating your inspirational testimony.


    Thanks for your feedback! The editing is actually correct as far as my understanding of the timing of my dad's reinstatement to the Bar and the diaconate.  I double-checked this with my mom, and after a little investigation she found out to her surprise that he acutally had been reinstated in 2004 (in the midst of chemo) as you indicated.  She either forgot or didn't know, so we stand corrected. 

    We're not quite sure how that got confused in the hospital phone call.  Maybe the person calling her just mentioned that he had been reinstated to the bar (at some point), and my mom interpreted it as having happened that day.

    The salient point, however, was not that he could practice law again, as he had no intention of doing so once he was released from prison.  He just wanted to be reinstated as a deacon, which happened just days before his death. And yes–it was very dramatic and grace-filled!

  2. Dear Kitty,

    Thank you for stepping out of this physical world and following your call.  I picked up your CD in the back of the Shrine of Czestochowa in Bucks County, PA.  I listened to it over and over again.  I found myself sobbing over this.  Your voice is tremendous.  However, it was more than this, your recording has a spiritual connection.  It has a deep Consecration to Mary.  God Bless you.

    I have had the fame and all that one could want from this world (except money).  I have worked with celebrities and played in concerts a duo setting with what many have called one of the greatest female secular vocalists of our time, Annie Haslam.  Annie is truly magnificant.  I also sit next to many celebrities that come as guest guitarists to perform on my television show. 

    But, I am still searching and really want to just do want I am doing for Mother Mary.  I pray that my career moves in this direction.

    Your voice and your message is beyond anything I can fully express. 

    Thank you for so much Love and Beauty!

    God Bless You!

    Bob Miles


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