AGT Auditions Follow-Up

Well, friends, we did it!  I drove up to Memphis last weekend for the America’s Got Talent auditions with my sister Caroline, her daughter Julia, and my daughter Cecilia (the giggle twins).  After just a few hours of sleep, I registered for my audition Saturday morning along with thousands of other hopefuls.  I was only there for about three hours from start to finish–much less than I was expecting.  There was lots of waiting around, but it was fun to see all of the different acts milling about.  There were some real characters–and real talent–on display!

Here’s my brief post-audition video that I posted on Facebook, which will bring you up to date on what’s next (I’m sorry it cut out at the end, but I was just saying how my sister Caroline was my hero for driving me home!):


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  1. Wow! How exciting is this! Now I can say, “I know somebody” 🙂 You are my hero! What a blessing you are to so many people. I hope you make it, as you should. God Bless you abundantly. Love to you and your family.

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